What are the characteristics of digital watches and why are Casio electronic watches so popular?

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Update time : 2015-03-11 21:17:08
The basic part of an digital watch is made up of electronic components. The working principle of digital watch is based on the physical phenomenon of "electricity generates magnetism, magnetism generates electricity". That is, the electrical energy is converted into magnetic energy, and then converted into mechanical energy by magnetic energy, driving the operation of the minute hand, to achieve the purpose of timing.

So what are the characteristics of digital watches? The battery-powered watch is timely and accurate, and the process is not complicated to make the price relatively affordable, more small "body", so it is very suitable for daily wear. But nothing is perfect, there will be some flaws. Digital watch is limited to the battery, generally speaking, a battery can maintain a watch working normally for two or three years, and then is to change the battery. And normally speaking, the life of the quartz watch is about ten years, when the quartz amplitude decreases, travel time is not accurate.
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