Nifer Watch, Since2011! Your preferred OEM & ODM Watch Manufacturer.

Do you offer design?
Yes, you can send us your LOGO or design requirements, we will provide the 2D design drawings for your reference.
What's your minimum order quantity?
The minimum quantity is 50 pieces per style if you buy from our stock or a specified style, and 300 pieces/style if it is a new one.
Can you provide samples?
Yes, you can buy our existing model reference style and quality, or according to your needs to provide pre-production custom sample
What is your product warranty ?
We offer 1 year of Quality Assurance
Will you keep my design confidential?
Yes, we'll sign a confidentiality agreement
What are your payment terms?
We accept 50% deposit + 50% balance paid before shipment
Can you provide pictures suitable for website upload ?
Yes, we will take pictures of your products and send them to you
What Are Your Core Strengths?
Provide solutions to your needs, create value for you to make profit.
What is the Sample Time:
If it is a custom-made brand-new sample, alloy is 25-30 days, stainless steel is 45-60 Days
Do you provide boxes?
Yes, we can provide you with packing boxes or design a full set of retail packing.
Contact with us
Contact person: Jennifer Zhang
Tel: +86 13606927603
WhatsApp: +86 13606927603
Add: 212#,Newtimes Building ,Huli,Xiamen,Fujian,China

Xiamen Nifer Electronics Co. , Ltd. was established in 2011. For 14 years we have been working to become your preferred watch solution provider...

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