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Gearbox is a system of gears and motors.
The time has come when you can decide on what your watch can do for your customers.
Now, you can develop your own module with functions you want. By integrating IT with our Gearbox, the system drives each watch’s hands to run independently and bidirectionally (i.e. in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions) to perform different functions. Functions such as counting steps, notifications, world time, etc. up to your choice.


Gearbox + Quartz watch = IT Quartz watch 

The traditional quartz watch movement operates like this: second hand run a circle then minute hand moves one grid, minute hand run a circle then hour hand move forward an hour and all are interdependent.
The gearbox is part of your power. It makes your machine more powerful, elegant and control perfectly.
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IT Quartz watch

  The arrangement of the axis of the indicators is more flexible. They can be in any position according to the designer (need to meet the physical structure of the gearbox).

 The function of the indicator can be determined by the designer. It can be minute hand, hour hand, week hand or calendar hand. The indicators not only can turn 360 degrees, but they can also do retrograde (move counterclockwise).

 As listed, customers and brands can define their own products that traditional watches cannot.

Flyback Watch service process
After customer understand the technology ,structure,variability of IT quartz watch base on our example watch styles.
Customized brand flavor
Customer create their own brand IT quartz watch from the appearance, material, color ,watch bands,dial ,which is totally new and completely belong to customer’s brand flavor.
Add brand culture
Make slight change and add brand culture on color ,dial and logo base on our example watch styles.
Sample logo modification
Just change the logo and package base on our example styles. We have a 30+ IT department will check and value your design and give an feedback.
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